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Carmeuse Lime & Stone provides lime and limestone products for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, some of which includes:

Flue Gas Desulfurization- Treatment of combustion gases from fossil fueled industrial and utility plants
Wastewater treatment
Waste Treatment-- sludge and domestic refuse
Environmental Treatment

Lime is used extensively in the USA for removal of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other multi-pollutants from flue gases produced by burning of sulfur-containing fossil fuels at power plants and industrial facilities.
Lime is also widely used in the treatment of drinking water. These uses include the adjustment of the pH of water that is too acidic, adding minerals back into water that is too soft to combat corrosion in water conduits, and to soften water that is too hard. Lime is also essential in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. Uses include: (1) adjustment of the pH of water that is too acidic; (2) the removal of colloidal matter from wastewater via lime as a coagulant and flocculation agent; (3) raising the pH of waste water to a level where dissolved metals are rendered insoluble and precipitate in the form of metal hydroxide; (4) precipitating phosphates, sulphates and fluorides in the form of insoluble calcium salts that can be recovered: and (5) stabilizing and de-watering waste sludge, making it suitable for use as fertilizers, or safe for landfill disposal.

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