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Apex Instruments was established in 1988 as an American-owned company. Apex Instruments, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes world-wide a large variety of source sampling equipment for measuring emissions from smoke stacks and industrial combustion sources according to US EPA guidelines.

As new environmental requirements and technology are developed, Apex Instruments is in the forefront of prototype construction and field testing of both the equipment and the test methods. An example is the Apex Instruments XC-6000EM Automated Mercury Sorbent Trap Sampling System developed by Apex Instruments and tested by government agencies, universities and power plants. The Apex MercSampler is fast becoming the industry standard for sampling mercury from coal-fired generators.

Apex offers versatile equipment designed in accordance with the US EPA specifications for over 36 gaseous and isokinetic methods. The modular design of the standard equipment along with accessories can be configured for measuring most of the gaseous priority pollutants and many hazardous air pollutants (HAPS) from incinerators, boilers, furnaces, chemical plants, refineries, mills or almost any industrial source. In addition, Apex has a long history of providing equipment that is reasonably priced, especially when you consider the multiple uses.

The experienced Apex staff is dedicated to providing quality equipment suitable for the harsh conditions encountered in source sampling. For the past 27 years Apex Instruments has been known for prompt responses to customer needs, quick shipment from an extensive inventory and a high level of engineering expertise meeting both the traditional and unusual applications.