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CEC Emergency Spill Response & Cleanup Division is ready to respond to spill emergencies round-the-clock. Our experts provide complete spill emergency management using the most up-to-date water and land clean-up equipment. Services include: pre-planning, timely response, incident management, incident termination, remedial action, disposal, reporting and incident mitigation and cleanup. We are proud to be the "first call" municipal and county authorities and company Health and Safety Officers make in a spill emergency.

Residential Underground Tank Service

Castlton Environmental Contractors (CEC) provides residential underground tank service to Realtors and developers, homeowners and the mortgage lending industry. CEC has OSHA trained and certified personnel to locate and, if necessary, remove a tank with a minimum of disturbance.

The professional staff of CEC has completed 40-hour training in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) health and safety standards. Site-specific health and safety plans are prepared prior to any site activities.

UST / Industrial Operations Division

Let Castlton Environmental Contractors (CEC) respond to your needs and time constraints with cost-effective, quality, timely solutions. The UST / Industrial Operations Division of CEC can handle all aspects of site assessment and cleanup.

CEC designs and implements integrated systems created to effectively and efficiently remediate your site. We will seek out the most cost effective approaches that are in your best interest. We routinely obtain air quality, surface water and groundwater permits critical for attaining compliance with environmental laws.

Our site assessment capabilities include soil, groundwater, air and surface water sampling, drilling/soil borings, soil vapor studies, fate and transport modeling and underground storage tank management programs. CEC provides these services as needed for underground storage tank sites, real estate transactions and ISRA (Industrial Site Recovery Act, formerly ECRA) facilities. CEC takes great pride in delivering a quality service designed to suit your specific needs.