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Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc., an Ohio corporation founded in 1995, is a customer-oriented environmental consulting firm serving industry, private sector, and governmental clients. Our mission is to consistently provide high-quality, cost-effective environmental consulting services, as well as innovative environmental services and solutions, to meet our customers' constantly changing needs. Our staff consists of highly qualified geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, and risk assessors. We typically assist our customers with their environmental needs in the following areas:

* Environmental Services
* Environmental Engineering
* Litigation Support
* Investigation and Remediation
* Soil and Groundwater Cleanup
* Toxicology and Risk Assessment
* Remediation Services
* Environmental Consulting

Our primary objective is to provide superior environmental services to our customers, regardless of the geographic locations of their sites. However, most of our experience is in the midwestern states of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.