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Our internationally recognized environmental group brings a unique combination of experience and capability to move projects expeditiously through the planning and permitting process. Our environmental specialists have provided services for a wide range of facilities including transportation and other major civil works; park and ecological restoration areas; and industrial, commercial and residential developments. Bergers successful completion of numerous designs conducted to create, enhance and restore habitats worldwide have gained the firm international peer recognition in the ecological restoration and environmental engineering sciences. Our environmental group also provides a full range of design services for water, wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal projects.

Our capabilities include

* Site Assessments and Environmental Audits
* Environmental Impact Statements and Permitting
* Noise, Air and Water Pollution Monitoring and Analysis
* Wetlands Analysis and Mitigation
* Soil Conservation and Drainage Management
* Terrestrial and Aquatic Biology Studies
* Ecological Restoration
* Natural Resource Damage Assessments
* Cultural Resources
* Coastal Zone Management
* Public Involvement Programs
* Socioeconomic and Fiscal Impact Analysis
* Risk Assessments
* Landfills and Solid Waste Management
* Water Supply Treatment and Distribution
* Wastewater Collection and Treatment
* Drainage and Stormwater Systems
* Construction Management & Inspection
* Program Management