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Peggy Rosenblatt is head of AKRF's Human Resources Department.

Edward Applebome President and CEO, and manages Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) for major land use applications

o__ Peggy Rosenblatt Senior Vice President Peggy Rosenblatt is head of AKRF’s Marketing and Human Resources groups.

The Value of Strategic Thinking
AKRF is a leading environmental, planning and engineering consulting firm.
Our integrated approach draws on a wide range of technical specialties to develop real-world solutions for complex and time-sensitive projects

AKRF offers creative **environmental**, planning, and engineering solutions for public and private clients. When it comes to federal, state, and local regulations, were not only familiar with them, but sometimes we help write them. AKRF has helped hundreds of clients quickly uncover critical issues and potential challenges early on, ensuring that their projects are completed as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.

With five offices throughout the Northeast, more than 1,000 clients, and more than 2,000 projects, chances are that AKRF has worked on a project similar to yours. Our projects range from simple environmental analyses for a single building to highly complex environmental impact statements for major development and infrastructure schemes, complex site engineering tasks to hazardous materials investigation and remediationand far more. See what weve done for agencies, developers, municipalities, and others by searching our database.