Air Resource Specialists

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Air Resource Specialists, Inc. (ARS) is a nationally recognized leader in air quality-related environmental monitoring, modeling, compliance, auditing, analysis, and research. Formed in 1981, our staff has a wide range of expertise and experience and is dedicated to broadening the understanding of air quality science and policy.

From our fully equipped corporate headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, we maintain monitoring sites and support clients throughout North America. ARS has successfully conducted research contracts and a wide range of project applications in both government and industrial environments.


Air Resource Specialists, Inc. (ARS) specializes in ambient air quality monitoring, modeling, permitting, analysis, and research. Areas of special expertise include: criteria pollutant, visibility, meteorology, and air toxic monitoring; data analysis and interpretation; research, audit, and instrument services; visibility and air quality modeling; environmental compliance; and the design, manufacture, and installation of digital imaging systems for air quality monitoring.

ARS offers a full range of services to meet your traditional or special purpose project applications. Learn more about the services provided by selecting any of the following service categories:

* Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring
* Data Analysis and Interpretation
* Atmospheric Modeling
* Environmental Compliance
* Digital Imaging Systems

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