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Applications developed for an organisation are usually perceived as being expensive & time consuming to develop, difficult to distribute & train staff and usually result in ongoing maintenance.

This does not have to be the case.

eBMS utilises Excel and Visual Basic for Application (VBA) to provide quick cost effective and intuitive applications. eBMS does not want maintenance to be a significant part of its business model and so endeavours to design applications that require minimal, if any maintenance. That is to say, eBMS believes that a minimal maintenance strategy is in fact a competitive advantage. Deployment of excel based applications is very straightforward. Email the excel workbook or email a link to a central workbook.Thats about as simple and cost effective as it comes.

Some of the applications that eBMS have developed are:

* A multi-user sales forecasting system comprising of a thin excel client communicating with a backend SQL server. This is a full bridging forecast used by over 100 sales people, around Australia, managing over 8,000 customers. The portable reporting layer includes variance reports, time series charts and waterfall/bridging charts.
* A System that allows multi-user control of various documents that help drive, monitor and analyse business improvement and change process.This system comprises an Excel client and an Access or SQL Server host. It maintains over 6000 documents via twelve different input forms.There are approximately ten different specialised reports both tablular and charting to help analyse and manage the processes.
* A pricing model that generates price lists, customer translated price lists, computer formated upload files for 1000 customers and over 1500 products.
* A report that uploads over 40,000 records of the latest data from the central system and then presents that data in an intuitive way.
* Many different types of databases.
* A system that downloads data from different databases integrates the data and then provides an overall reporting solution.
* An application that takes systems data correlates it with measured data and then provides cost estimates of cutting activities.
* A load planning application that loads current orders and allows the user to point and click on a bar chart to reforecast orders.
* An application that helps analysis of machine down time.The user enters data into an intelligent form, the data is then placed in a database. Various reports allow the user to time series or pareto the recorded data.
* An application that allows a business to forecast profitability and revenue based on a model with forecasts constrained by customer type and quantity discounts

eBMS has developed and deployed over one hundred different excel applications.