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Cooper Environmental has been the recognized leader in continuous metals monitoring for more than 10 years. Our core technology, an automated energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence analysis module, combines laboratory level detection limits with a patented automated QA/QC system that keeps the operator informed of the quality of every sample taken. This technology has been incorporated into monitors for measuring ambient air, stack gases, and now water – and has proven very reliable with systems shipped 10 years ago still in operation.

The latest Cooper Environmental innovation is our new ADAPT software for our new class-leading Xact® 625i ambient air monitor. This software automatically generates a wide variety of research-grade graphical representations of metallic airborne elements, reducing or even eliminating the need for time consuming and costly data analysis, creating one of the most cost effective and powerful pollution source detection monitors on the market.

Cooper Environmental's staff have a wide range of experience, with our service offerings consisting of:

* X-ray fluorescence analysis of air particulate filters

* Source apportionment using receptor modeling methods

* Air quality issues related to power utilities, steel mills, smelters, pulp and paper facilities, etc.

* Evaluation of regulatory issues related to PM standards, secondary PM issues, oxygenated gasoline impacts on PM, SIP assistance, etc.

* Emission Inventories and control strategies