B3 Systems provides products, systems and services related to bag leak detectors for process or compliance. Our filter management systems can provide optimized control to your filter operations, resulting in cost saving in both operations and maintenance.

Bag Leak Detectors, Dust Monitors, Particulate Monitors for EPA MACT Compliance and Process Control, CEMS and more...

B3 Systems provides unparalleled support, both remote and on-site, related to all products and services offered. We only provide the best in hardware and software to meet your monitoring and control needs.

We even provide support for products that we do not sell. B3 Systems' approach is service-based, even though a product may be involved. We feel that this approach sets us aside from the competition.

We only sell products that we believe in and we know will provide quality results. If you have an application, please visit our SUPPORT section to fill out an application site survey form so that we can provide you with the best product to fit your needs.

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Bag Leak Detectors
Dust Monitors
Data Acquisition
Remote Data Monitoring
Process Control Systems
Customized Solutions

Chemical Spiking for CPTs, Trial Burns or Eng. Studies
Baghouse MACT Monitoring & Control
Environmental Data Management
PM Spiking for PM CEMS Calibration and PM CPMS Alarm Setup

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Filter Products

Filter Products

B3 Systems specializes in products, services and systems for filters and filter systems.

Terminal Blocks Whether it is just filter leak detection, performance monitoring, control, diagnostics, optimization or a complete solution, B3 Systems provides it all. We provide customized solutions with standard PLC platforms as well as smaller embedded controllers with optional . B3 Systems unique capabilities allows us to provide products and services that compliment your existing installation without expensive replacements.

B3 Systems' focus as a service organization that provides hardware and systems means that we provide support for new installations as well as the existing systems. It also means that if we don't have it, we will try to find it for you.Bags and Cage

Contact us today to see how we can we can assist you and save you time and money.
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