General Oceanics is a company that is dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of water and air sampling and analysis products, as well as services, to accommodate your analysis and research needs.

G.O.Environmental's analytical laboratory services include analysis of air, water, waste water, and hazardous waste. Air and water analyses are performed in collaboration with university personnel who are recognized experts in their field. Only the most up to date analytical methods are used and are certified or EPA approved where possible.

Samples can be submitted to our laboratory or we can supply quality assurance and control guidance to those organizations doing their own analysis. Discrete intercomparisons can be conducted to determine the quality and reliability of your own laboratory measurements.

Water Analytical Services
* Nutrients
* Pesticides
* Petroleum Hydrocarbons
* CO2
* Plankton Production
* Total Organic Carbon

Field Services, Air
* Analytical Intercomparisons
* Data Validation and Analysis
* Atmospheric Data Modeling