CTP Sinto America

3001 W Main St
Lansing, MI 48917


CTP is a world class supplier of Air Pollution Control equipment. Sintokogio Ltd. is a global manufacturer of industrial equipment based in Japan with existing manufacturing facilities in the US. The two companies have joined together to form CTP Sinto America and to offer new systems in Canada and the US. CTP has successfully installed over 750 reference installations worldwide with more than 50 in North America both directly and through licensees since the mid-1980s.

CTP Sinto America, LLC offers air pollution control systems based on adsorption and absorption processes, regenerative thermal and catalytic oxidation and chemical reduction processes for the destruction of contaminants including volatile organic compounds, oxides of nitrogen, odors, hazardous air pollutants and most greenhouse gases. The company also offers purification of CO2 off-gases of ethylene oxide and urea production lines by regenerative catalytic oxidation as well as a full range of air pollution control systems and “integrated solutions.” They specialize in solving difficult to handle or multi-source emissions streams in the most economical way possible.

CTP performs advanced research and development in Austria and holds over 25 European patents many on proprietary processes and custom designed ceramic catalysts. They manufacture ceramic blocks and catalyst in their plant in Hermsdorf, Germany. The company utilizes the extensive mechanical and chemical engineering resources available to them in the US, Austria and Japan. Customer Service and Spare Parts are supported by the service staff in Michigan with over 80 years of combined experience.