DuraTherm, Inc., provides waste management and recycling services, centered on its patented indirect fired thermal desorption technology, to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. At our Texas City plant (formerly San Leon), near Houston, Texas, we operate two DuraTherm DesorptionSM units with a combined capacity of 60,000 tons per year and receive and recycle more petroleum refinery hazardous waste than any other US company. The clear leader in indirect fired thermal desorption technology, DuraTherm operates a fleet of mobile units in support of its fixed-base Gulf Coast TSDF services.

DuraTherm provides other waste reduction and recovery processes both at its facility and at the customers location. We receive and process metallurgical secondary materials from generators worldwide and offer recovery solutions for petroleum refining and petrochemical metal-bearing spent catalysts.

Foundation in petroleum reclamation
DuraTherms identity is firmly rooted in petroleum reclamation and reuse. We have recovered millions of barrels of specification hydrocarbon products from wastes and are experienced in domestic and international oil recovery operations.

The company led the way in adapting centrifugal technology to oil recovery and holds more than a dozen US patents for the DuraTherm Desorption process. DuraTherms desorber technology has been granted a US EPA delisting designation for refinery hazardous wastes, and the Texas City facility (formerly San Leon) was recently granted renewal of its RCRA Part B permit.

Metals recycling
Regulations mandating cleaner fuels and air emissions result in greater volumes of spent process catalysts that require management. DuraTherm removes hazardous hydrocarbons and other undesirable characteristics from spent catalysts, producing metal manufacturing feedstock. Our metal company affiliate brings more than two decades of experience in the intricacies and alternatives in metal recycling of both catalysts and scrap specialty process alloys.

Fixed-base and mobile services
DuraTherm offers both fixed-base and mobile services, supported by a full complement of resource recovery technology options. However challenging your hydrocarbon waste management project may be, however large or small, DuraTherm has the experience and technology to help you resolve it.

DuraTherm provides its customers

Permitted RCRA TSDF . Mobile DuraTherm DesorptionSM process systems
Customized multi-technology approach to project services
US EPA refinery waste delisting
Strongest technical expertise and experience
Lowest cost . Least liability . Quickest service response
Ongoing evolution of recovery technologies