MT2 offers a Guaranteed Solution at a Guaranteed Price leading to expedited range maintenance and sustained operations. Our two-fold approach to limiting project risk includes our MT2 personnel who are highly credentialed and experienced and MT2s ECOBOND® products and service lines that are proven effective through extensive use. This allows MT2 to guarantee that we will treat and retreat as necessary until we meet agreed upon treatment target levels. Secondly, MT2 is backed by Pollution Liability Insurance to provide customers, site owners, and others the best available peace of mind in dealing with environmental liabilities of remediation.

Soil and Waste Stabilization/Treatment:
MT2 provides state-of-the-art soil and waste remediation services in both in-situ and ex-situ environments. The firm's ECOBOND technology treats all RCRA metals and produces metal compounds that are highly stable, durable and less bio-toxic under standard and extreme leaching or oxidizing conditions.

Brownfields/Land Development and Re-use:
MT2 provides innovative environmental solutions for producing significant cost savings in the re-use of Brownfields properties.