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Since its incorporation in 1946, Komline-Sanderson Engineering Corporation has provided the highest quality equipment for applications including process/production filtration, drying, wastewater treatment, sludge processing, and air pollution control. The company and its subsidiaries supply equipment to a diverse group of customers around the world including the municipal wastewater and electric power utilities, and a broad range of industrial clients.


Biosolids, Sludge, & By-Products Drying
Komline-Sandersons Thermal Products Group supplies drying equipment and systems for municipalities and industrial clients. Thermal Processing: Drying, Heating, and Cooling The companys line of indirect dryers/processors are used extensively by many chemical, food, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries.

Applications include drying, heating, cooling, reacting, melting, tempering, solvent stripping, crystallizing, sterilizing, calcining, roasting and cooking. These process are applied to pastes, cakes, granules or powders.

Wastewater Treatment Products
Komline-Sandersons Wastewater Treatment Products Group provides quality wastewater treatment and sludge processing equipment and systems for water and wastewater treatment plants. Municipal wastewater treatment systems primarily involve the separation of biosolids from wastewater.

Since the mid-1950s Komline-Sanderson has also offered a quality line of plunger-type pumps to facilitate the transfer of sludge through various stages of the waste treatment system, feed belt filter presses, and pump thickened sludge. To determine the equipment best suited to the particular conditions of each application, the company offers laboratory and on-site pilot testing services.

Process Filtration Products
Komline-Sanderson provides a superior line of specialty fi ltration equipment for a variety of applications in chemicals, food, pharmaceutical and other industrial processes. The manufacturing operations of numerous industries use this equipment, which includes rotary drum filters, horizontal vacuum filters, and specialized system controls and instrumentation.
Komline-Sanderson designs and manufactures filtration equipment to separate valuable liquids and solids from process slurries. The liquid and solid products of this separation can either be subjected to further manufacturing processes or dried and packaged as marketable items. Komline-Sandersons filtration equipment is applied extensively to the food processing and pharmaceutical industries; within the food industry, the companys filtration systems are used extensively in corn processing, producing corn syrup, sugars, starch, and gluten feed meal. Pharmaceutical applications include the primary separation of liquids and solids from fermentation broths. Products from this process are used as the base for pharmaceutical drugs.

Rotary Atomizers
Komline-Sanderson is a leading supplier of rotary atomizers, with installations in North America, Europe, and Asia. These atomizers are used for Flue Gas Treatment at electric power plants and municipal waste incinerators, and spray drying applications. The key component in the system is a direct drive high speed motor using state of the art frequency inverter technology.

Filter Fabrics
Modern industry annually demands large quantities of replacement filter media. Komline-Sandersons Filter Fabrics Group supplies this market, providing replacement media for a variety of filters and belt presses.

Komline-Sanderson is privately held with corporate headquarters at 12 Holland Avenue, Peapack, New Jersey, 07977, USA.


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