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Entech Instruments is proud to be a world leader in GC/MS inlet systems and sampling technologies for headspace and environmental air analysis. From ultra inert and tool free air and gas sampling canisters to laboratory sample prep automation, Entech is an A-Z solution provider.
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Solutions for the Monitoring of Volatiles in Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Volatile chemicals can be analyzed using a variety of techniques, including approaches for qualitative, non-specific detectors, to quantitative GC / GCMS methods. Remote sample collection and laboratory analysis features several advantages over on-site analysis. Entech provides simple, rugged samplers that can collect gas, liquid, or solid samples without any need for power, field calibration, or highly experienced technicians. Sample collection in the field and reliable storage prior to laboratory analysis, reduces the risk of losing important target analytes (as can occur with adsorption tubes). Samples can be easily collected from several locations and subsequently analyzed with the same laboratory instruments, resulting in lower overall costs and elimination of inter-instrument bias.

Entech Instruments, Inc. continues to perfect the art and science of quantifying levels of volatile chemicals in gas phase matrices from % levels to well below 1 PPB. Entech's Silonite® surface treatment creates a durable, and inert surface for stainless steel sampling containers, transfer lines, valves, and connective fittings. Silonite® not only extends the range of compounds that can be collected and analyzed, it also prevents oxidation of stainless steel surfaces over time. With Silonite® canisters, compounds can be analyzed up to several weeks later with very little change in gas-phase concentrations. Entech Instruments also manufactures a complete suite of laboratory instruments for sample handling and GCMS analysis, including preconcentration systems, multi-position autosamplers, and cleaning systems.

The introduction of Large Volume Static Headspace (LVSH) has created a powerful tool for analyzing volatiles in the headspace of solid and liquid samples. The static nature of the analysis eliminates aerosols and foaming challenges associated with dynamic headspace analysis, while lowering detection limits 100-500 times below conventional loop-injection headspace inlets. LVSH is an ideal solution for the complete analysis of foods, flavors, odors, and out-gassing materials.